Daycare Playtime


Your dog will love daycare at Cool Dog Ranch!

Cool Dog Ranch offers a great daycare experience for your dog to socialize with dog friends and  interact with our caring staff. Whether your dog has pent-up energy to exert, or prefers to lounge with his pals on a comfy couch, we have the perfect place to fulfill your daycare needs.

Our indoor play areas are climate-controlled to keep our dogs cool on the hot days and warm during colder days. The play areas are also equipped with rubber flooring. This rubber flooring provides traction to minimize slipping, increases joint support, and provides shock absorption during playtime.

Our outdoor play areas give our dogs the opportunity to play and socialize while enjoying the beautiful backdrop of Temecula wine country. They get a chance to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Small, structured play groups here at Cool Dog Ranch are customized based on personality and playing style. Similar temperaments are grouped together to ensure the safety and enjoyment of each of our dogs.

Cool Dog Ranch has a strict standard in accepting dogs into our facility. Please refer to our Eligibility page to ensure that your dog is eligible. 

We are very popular due to our under-crowded, intimate atmosphere. Reservations are required in advance. Please call us for more details: (951) 541-6264.